4 Ways in which you can attract men

We all have secret crushes and even though we may not be able to tell them how we feel, we aspire to be admired by them or at least get noticed. There is no fixed set of rules to get noticed by a man, however, there are a few ways which work in most of the cases. Here are a few ways which can help you attract men:

1. Have an Identity

Men hate women with double standards. Try avoiding confusion in matters and take a firm stance. It is really important how you carry yourself and men like women you know exactly what they are looking for. This hold good both the ways, even women like a man who is firm and decisive.

This does not mean that you need to be stubborn, always hear out people but at the same time it is important for a lady to understand and embrace her values and needs. You do not need to lower your standards for anyone, if the guy is right he would accept you with your true identity.

2. Look Good

This is a no shocker since most of us are visual people and get attracted instantly to someone who looks gorgeous. When you are out, it is nice if you dress up and try to look good since that instantly catches the attention of any man. Try being different and unique in your own way since that makes people like someone instantly.

Men do not like the same boring thing every girl does but they do appreciate when you do something different and out of the box. Although, being out of the box does not mean that you go overboard and look funny. Try to look good in your own way and avoid copying others.

3. Being Honest

Now this a slightly sensitive point since being completely honest does not mean that you tell everything starting from the tiny details of your day to the massive secrets of your life that are better forgotten. It just means that try to create a clear communication. Men like women who express themselves clearly without any confusion.

It would even save your time because you would not be with the wrong person for long once you have made them understand your needs and values. Being honest attracts men because they like people who are not fake and try to be themselves. There are a few men who do not like honest conversations, but they are generally termed as players and there is no point in attracting such men.

4. Loosen up

People these days take dating too seriously and try to be a person who they want to be and not who they really are. If you really want to attract the right man then loosen up and try to act normal, do not be a stuck up person who is adamant and trying to be professional all the time.

The professional attitude is well respected in the workplace but if you want to attract a man then try to be funny, have engaging and meaningful conversations, talk about things you both like and dislike. learn more from his secret obsession hero instinct – fidelity dating blog.